Signs That You Need a Root Canal Treatment

Posted by DR. LOUIS PAULERIO on May 11 2022, 01:42 AM

Root canal treatment is an excellent dental treatment option that helps to save the patient from tooth loss. Timely removal of the infected dental pulp prevents the spread of infection and boosts oral health.

Listed below are signs that you may need a root canal treatment.

Severe Tooth Pain

Not everyone experiences severe tooth pain, but if you experience it, it’s important to call your dentist right away. If you wait, the infection may spread to adjacent teeth in the mouth. A root canal treatment is the only way to remove the infection and save your tooth.

A root canal involves removing the infected tissue from the inside of your tooth. 

Swelling of the Gums

Swelling of the gums can occur for a number of reasons, but some of them can be signs of needing a root canal treatment.

Swelling can happen when bacteria in the mouth interact with food particles that remain after a cavity is filled. The bacteria cause an infection that spreads through the tooth to the gums, and that infection causes swelling.

A common sign of needing a root canal treatment is if a tooth is painful, shows signs of an infection, and hasn’t responded to other treatment.

Sensitivity to Hot or Cold

 If you are experiencing sensitivity or pain to hot or cold foods or beverages, then you probably need a root canal.

Sensitivity to hot or cold foods, such as ice cream or ice water, is often a sign of infection in the tooth. A root canal allows the dentist to remove the infected tissue and preserve your natural tooth, preventing the need for extraction.

Tooth Discoloration

A discolored tooth is typically a sign that you need a root canal treatment. When your tooth is discolored, this means that the enamel has become damaged, and bacteria has seeped in. A root canal treatment removes the damaged area of the tooth, so bacteria can’t reenter the tooth.


You notice pus oozing from your mouth.

Pus is a yellow liquid that your body creates to fight infection. It often comes along with swelling, pain, and redness. It’s usually a sign that your tooth is infected and that you may need a root canal.

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