Why Should You Choose Same-day Crowns?

Posted by DR. LOUIS PAULERIO on Aug 7 2022, 07:11 AM

Same-day crowns are a cosmetic dental procedure that allows your dentist to coat a tooth with a thin ceramic or resin material. The crown is specially made to fit your mouth, and you can customize it to match your other teeth. The dentist will shape your tooth so that the crown fits securely.

There are several benefits of same-day crowns, such as:

Minimally Invasive Option

Same-day dental crowns are also known as CEREC crowns. They are made from a high-quality ceramic material that looks just like your natural teeth. This material also naturally binds to your teeth for a tight and secure fit.

Same-day dental crowns can be created and placed in just one appointment. The dentist will take digital impressions of your teeth, which will then be fabricated through CEREC and placed on the treatment site.

Preserve Your Natural Tooth Structure

Same-day dental crowns preserve your natural tooth structure. In fact, same-day dental crowns are the only type of dental crowns that preserve your tooth’s original structure. Traditional crowns require you to have your tooth reduced so that the crown can fit. This weakens and ruins your tooth’s structure. Same-day dental crowns, on the other hand, require no reduction of the tooth at all.

Eliminate the Hassle and Discomfort of Temporary Crowns

Traditional crowns require multiple appointments, but same-day crowns eliminate that inconvenience. After Dr. Paulerio prepares your tooth, an on-site milling machine creates your restoration from a solid block of ceramic. This high-quality material mimics the appearance and strength of a natural tooth, so you can eat, drink, and speak normally.

Same-day crowns eliminate the waiting time for a permanent restoration, so you can return to your daily routine as soon as possible.

Save time by Avoiding a Second Office Visit

You shouldn’t have to spend a whole weekend in the dentist’s chair only to come back for dental impressions. At Louis E. Paulerio, D.D.S., we offer same-day dental crowns that are placed after your initial appointment.

With CEREC same-day dental crowns, we can design, create, and place your dental crown in just one visit. So, you can leave our office with a customized, natural-looking dental crown in just one visit.

Save You Time and Money

Same-day dental crowns can be installed in just one visit to our office. Compared to traditional crowns, you don’t have to make multiple trips. This saves you time, travel, and money, and your restoration will be complete in less time.

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