Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns

A damaged tooth can cause pain, make eating difficult, affect the clarity of your speech, and have a negative impact on your self-esteem.

The advanced CEREC® system allows Dr. Louis Paulerio to restore a natural tooth in a single visit–without an uncomfortable temporary crown.

Learn how Point Loma Family Dentistry in San Diego, CA, can give you something to smile about with a same-day crown...

Dental Crowns


Durable Results

A crown is placed over a compromised tooth after treatment for decay, trauma, or a root canal. The treatment protects the weakened tooth from further damage and can prevent the need for extraction.

A Trusted Solution

Made of incredibly strong, medical-grade porcelain, crowns are designed to withstand normal biting forces. With regular visits to the dentist and proper at-home care, dental crowns can last up to a decade or more.

Natural-Looking Restoration

Crowns are precisely matched to the shade of your surrounding natural teeth to blend seamlessly into your smile. CEREC restorations are also made of all-ceramic materials that are five times stronger than porcelain, so there is no need for a metal substructure. This produces incredibly natural-looking crowns that refract light just like enamel.

CEREC One-Visit Crowns


No Messy Dental Impressions

Thanks to the digital scanner used to take precise 3-D images of your smile, you can avoid the discomfort, mess, and inconvenience of traditional dental impressions.

Nearly Immediate Results

With our advanced software and in-office milling machine, the dentist can place a custom-made permanent crown using state-of-the-art medical-grade porcelain in a single visit.

No Temporary Crown Required

A same-day restoration allows you to skip the additional step of receiving an uncomfortable temporary crown. You can avoid multiple trips to the dentist and save time.



The team of professionals at Point Loma Family Dentistry strives to provide patients with the best dental treatment available. Both Dr. Paulerio and our staff are committed to continuing education, the latest proven technology, innovative procedures, and cutting-edge materials. We take extra steps to make your visit to our San Diego dental office as comfortable as possible and offer oral conscious sedation.

The highest standards of quality and safety are employed throughout our office, including digitally integrated techniques and workflow so we can provide you the comprehensive dental care you deserve. Dental technologies at our office include digital 3-D cone beam CT scanning, CEREC Primescan, and digital radiography, which uses 70-90 percent less radiation when compared to traditional imaging. To learn more about dental crowns, or to schedule an appointment at our office, contact us online or call:(619) 223-3811

The Point Loma Family Dentistry team combines advanced technology with personally tailored treatment plans.

Dental Crowns


For Dr. Paulerio to place a dental crown, a certain amount of healthy dental tissue is necessary to support the porcelain restoration. If your tooth is too compromised or weakened, an extraction may be necessary. In this case, a dental implant can replace your tooth's roots, allowing our dentist to then restore your smile with a custom crown.

Strengthen Damaged Teeth

If an injured or decayed tooth cannot be repaired with a filling, Dr. Paulerio may recommend a dental crown to strengthen its remaining structure.

Protection after a Root Canal

Dr. Paulerio may recommend root canal treatment if decay has reached the inner portion of your tooth. A dental crown is typically placed afterwards at our San Diego, CA, office to protect the remaining tissue.

Conceal Cosmetic Issues

Cosmetic imperfections such as discolored and disproportionately sized teeth may be a source of embarrassment, causing you to hide your smile. Dental crowns are custom-crafted to blend with your natural teeth, and can provide added coverage to conceal flaws that other dental procedures such as porcelain veneers and dental bonding my not be able to provide.

Restore Missing Teeth

An implant-supported dental crown can replace a single missing tooth. These dental crowns do not require the modification of adjacent teeth, unlike traditional dental bridges, and can also prevent the jawbone recession that accompanies tooth loss.

​Meet Our Dentist


Louis E. Paulerio, DDS, graduated from the University of California, San Diego and attended dental school at the University of Southern California School of Dentistry. After graduation, he moved back to his hometown of Point Loma where he has been practicing family and cosmetic dentistry for over 20 years. He is affiliated with the American Dental Association, California Dental Association, and San Diego County Dental Society. He is also a Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry and a Diplomat of the International Dental Implant Association.

Dr. Paulerio has been using CEREC technology for a decade. As a Visiting Faculty member of CEREC Doctors, the largest training company for this advanced digital technology, he also teaches CAD/CAM techniques (computer-aided design and manufacturing) to other dentists.

What Is the Process


Exam & Consultation

Our dentist will determine if an all-ceramic crown is the best solution for you depending on the extent of decay or trauma and other factors. If there is not enough dental tissue to support a crown, Dr. Paulerio can discuss other treatment options with you such as an implant-supported crown or dental bridge.

Preparing the Tooth

The decayed or damaged portions of the tooth will be removed. CEREC crowns are bonded in place, not just cemented, so Dr. Paulerio can use much more conservative techniques to prepare the tooth. He will also use an acrylic luting agent to achieves a much stronger bond between the tooth and crown.



in 5 Easy Steps

  • Digital Scan

    Point Loma Family Dentistry in San Diego, CA, uses the new CEREC Primescan to take precise optical impressions of your smile, avoiding the discomfort and goopy mess of traditional impression trays.

  • CAD Modeling

    The 3-D images are transmitted to the CEREC software, allowing our dentist to design a precisely customized restoration.

  • CAM Fabrication

    Once Dr. Paulerio puts the finishing touches on the design of your new dental crown, the information is sent to the in-office CEREC mill to craft your new crown out of a solid piece of medical-grade porcelain.

  • Refinement

    To ensure your restoration fits comfortably and looks completely natural, our dentist can make chairside adjustments to your new dental crown.

  • Crown Placement

    Our dentist, Dr. Paulerio, will securely bond the restoration into place so you can leave the appointment with a fully restored smile.


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