WaterlaseMD™ Laser Dentistry

WaterlaseMD™ Laser Dentistry

Advancements in dental technology have enabled dentists to offer more convenient, precise, minimally invasive, and comfortable dental care to patients. One such cutting-edge device that helps patients with dental anxiety is the WaterlaseMD™.

The WaterlaseMD™ laser works without producing any vibration or heat and offers a drill-less, minimally invasive, and comfortable alternative to conventional treatments.

WaterlaseMD™ is an all-tissue laser that integrates the power and precision of a laser with water to deliver exact and accurate results. This leading innovator among dental lasers is a minimally painful, gentle, and quick alternative to conventional dental tools. It uses laser energy and water spray to perform procedures without a drill or shot.

Applications of WaterlaseMD™

  • To detect cavities in their initial stages.
  • During a dental filling to kill the bacteria present in a cavity, thus helping to increase the efficiency of the procedure and lifespan of the tooth restoration.
  • To reshape soft tissue and bone in the mouth to uncover healthier tooth structures.
  • To help remove tongue-tie in children.
  • To treat cold sores, reduce pain, and minimize healing time.
  • WaterlaseMD™ lasers are used during teeth whitening procedures.
  • To make treatment for gum disease painless and suture-free.
  • To treat infections present around dental implants.

Advantages of WaterlaseMD™

Virtually painless:

WaterlaseMD™ procedure is virtually painless and does not involve the use of dental drills. Hence, it can help people who have dental phobia due to the fear of pain or needles.

Safe water-powered dentistry:

The WaterlaseMD™ system combines laser, air, and water and is safe for human tissues. Since water is used in the system, the heat produced during the dental procedure is reduced, keeping the teeth hydrated.

Do not require multiple dental visits:

With the WaterlaseMD™ laser system, the dentist can perform almost all dental procedures and address all dental needs of patients in just one dental visit.

Precise and safe:

Unlike the conventional drill that might generate excessive heat, injure the inner dental pulp, or cause microscopic cracks on the enamel, WaterlaseMD™ lasers are safe and can be used on both adults and children alike. Besides, they produce more precise and accurate results than conventional procedures. With WaterlaseMD™, the doctor can perform dental restorations without damaging the encompassing areas in the mouth. And most often, procedures using WaterlaseMD™ lasers do not even need anesthesia.

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