5 Dental Exam Facts You Should Know

Posted by DR. LOUIS PAULERIO on Aug 17 2021, 05:03 AM

Even if you believe your teeth are clean and healthy, regularly visiting a dental professional for a dental examination is the best way to ensure your mouth is free of any signs of gum disease or tooth decay.

Our experienced dental team at Point Loma Family Dentistry in San Diego, CA, recommends you schedule a dental exam every six months in order to benefit from a lifetime of optimal dental health.

Why Is a Dental Exam Necessary?

Here is why it is critical to visit your dentist twice a year:

  • So that your dentist can look for issues that you may not see or feel.
  • To enable your dentist to detect early signs of decay or gum issues.
  • To address any oral health issues discovered during the exam as early as possible.

5 Facts About Dental Exams 

Here are just a few facts you may not know about dental exams: 

  • Dental Exams Prevent Cavities

Cavities, if left untreated, can affect your tooth structure and also the health of your gums. Regular dental exams are a great way to prevent cavities as they include screening for cavities and other dental issues.

  • Dental Exams Can Save You Money

Preventive dentistry aims to keep tooth decay, gum disease, and other oral health problems from occurring in the first place. Dental exams allow our dentists to inspect your teeth and gums closely, identifying any issues and treating them in time. This way, you can prevent having to undergo and pay for more complex procedures in the future.

  • Dental Exams Keep Your Teeth Clean 

Plaque that accumulates between the teeth or along the gum line eventually hardens into tartar. When it does, a dental professional is the only one who can remove it and keep it from affecting your smile.

  • Dental Exams Help Prevent Gum Disease

Regularly cleaning your teeth prevents gingivitis and periodontitis that can irritate or inflame your gums, causing bleeding and swelling. During your dental exam, the dentist will remove plaque and tartar accumulations thus keeping these issues at bay. 

  • Dental Exams Enhance Your Overall Health

Your oral health is linked to your overall health. By getting regular dental exams, you can maintain your dental health and, therefore, also improve your general wellbeing. 

To learn more about the benefits of regular dental exams, Dental Implants in San Diegoschedule an appointment with the best dentist in San Diego, CA, by calling Point Loma Family Dentistry at (619) 223-3811. You can also visit us at 1635 Rosecrans St Ste A, San Diego, CA 92106.

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