Energy Drinks and Your Teeth

Posted by DR. LOUIS PAULERIO on Sep 15 2021, 02:29 AM

Water is the safest and best drink for your teeth and overall health, according to dentists all around the world. Energy drinks, on the other hand, can cause significant harm to your teeth and gums if consumed regularly. 

Keep reading to see why our dentist, Dr. Paulerio, at Point Loma Family Dentistry in San Diego, California, strongly advises against drinking energy drinks.

Energy Drinks Can Cause Dental Enamel Damage and Decay

The acid in energy drinks is so strong that it can progressively erode your tooth enamel. When your teeth are unprotected by enamel and exposed to bacteria, this can cause dental problems such as teeth sensitivity or even tooth root damage.

Energy drinks can also make your teeth vulnerable to tooth decay and cavities. Because enamel cannot be naturally restored after being eroded, the consequences can be severe.

Sports Drinks, Energy Drinks, and Oral Health 

Energy drinks and sports drinks cause cavities in the same manner soda does. They have a high sugar content and an extremely acidic pH.

Sugar is consumed by the bacteria in your mouth. This bacteria goes into overdrive when you consume a lot of sugar and the byproduct is acid. When this acid comes into contact with the tooth enamel surface for an extended period, it can weaken the tooth’s outer layer. 

All energy drinks, even the ones with limited sugar content, have an extremely low pH and their high acidity can increase your risk of tooth decay and cavities when you consume them regularly.

Why Are Natural Energy Drinks a Better Alternative?

If you enjoy consuming energy drinks, you should consider healthier alternatives if you want to protect your oral health. Options include: 

Green Smoothies and Juices

Make green juices using kale, parsley, and spinach. They are natural sources of vitamin B that aids your body's performance.

Green Tea

Green tea contains trace amounts of caffeine naturally. Green tea also has health benefits and can help lower your risk of cancer and heart disease, as well as improve your performance and mental clarity.


Water is the most effective energy drink. When you're dehydrated, your metabolic reactions slow down, resulting in lower energy levels. Make your glass of water more interesting by adding lemon, lime, strawberries, or blueberries.

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