The Many Advantages of Cosmetic Dentistry

Posted by DR. LOUIS PAULERIO on Jun 29 2021, 11:04 AM

Cosmetic dentistry has helped millions of people become better versions of themselves. These specialized treatments and procedures can improve the appearance of your teeth and enhance the quality of your life. 

Although cosmetic dental treatments are thought of as mostly aesthetic, they have proven to offer many restorative benefits as well.

Dr. Louis E. Paulerio at Point Loma Family Dentistry specializes in various cosmetic dentistry procedures and treatments that can restore your smile and oral functionality. Read on to learn about their main advantages.

  • Improved Diet

Contrary to popular belief, cosmetic dentistry isn’t just about enhancing your appearance. The field also helps solve several pressing oral health problems, including ones related to nourishment and diet. 

For instance, people with missing molars may struggle to eat a balanced diet as they lack the teeth that can help them properly chew and grind down food. Cosmetic dentistry can fix this problem with the help of artificial teeth and dental implants.

  • Improved Self-Confidence

Studies have shown that missing or discolored teeth can cause self-esteem issues, leading many to become self-conscious in social scenarios or avoid them altogether. 

Replacing missing teeth with crowns or bridges and a teeth whitening procedure for discolored teeth can help restore their confidence and improve their quality of life.

  • Improved Appearance

A smile is one of the first attributes people notice in you. Whether through a teeth alignment treatment, a teeth whitening procedure, or the placement of veneers, cosmetic dentistry can improve the way you look and add a spring to your step.

  • Less Pain

Misaligned teeth are known to cause toothaches and muscle tension in the jaw. That’s because they often push against each other. An alignment procedure can straighten your teeth and eliminate the cause of the pain. 

A study published by the National Institute of Health notes that people who have had their teeth aligned with dental appliances have seen a significant reduction in pain symptoms.

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