Digital Imaging (CBCT Scan, Digital X-rays)

Digital imaging technology has revolutionized dentistry, allowing our dentists to capture high-quality images of your teeth and gums easily. Our dentists may also use these images to better explain any conditions you currently face or to provide you with treatment options for a problem you are facing. Using advanced software, we can even simulate different procedures, showing you how your treatment would look and how your smile could be improved through a certain procedure. This helps you better understand the benefits and impact of selecting certain treatments for your smile, thus, have confidence in the ultimate decisions you make about your dental health.

Types of Digital Imaging Technologies We Use


A cone-beam computed tomography, or CBCT scan, is a type of intraoral CT machine that provides a highly accurate 3D image of the hard and soft tissues of the face, neck, and jaw in a single scan. This scan is especially beneficial because it can capture the entire mouth in one image, thereby reducing the number of visits a patient has to make to the dental office and reducing exposure to radiation. It is often used to diagnose impacted wisdom teeth, plan the placement of dental implants, detect problems with the jawbone, or plan orthodontic treatment.

This type of CT scan is very similar to a regular x-ray, but the images it produces are much more detailed and accurate. Instead of multiple x-rays taken of the same area, a single CBCT scan provides a complete image of the entire mouth. This allows the dentist to detect any problems with both the soft tissues and the entire jaw at the same time.

Digital X-Rays

Images taken by a digital x-ray system can be viewed within seconds. We can zoom in on specific areas of the tooth or use it to take a full mouth series of X-rays. The images are sent to a computer where they can be enhanced for a better view and can be stored digitally for instant access in the future. Once the image is taken, it is immediately visible on the computer screen, and we can move the image around to view it from a variety of angles. We can also send digital images to other specialists if needed for their input. When a picture is enlarged on the screen, we are able to see even the smallest details that we wouldn’t be able to spot otherwise. This helps us detect and treat issues in their earliest stages so that less treatment is needed later on.

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