Oral Surgery (3rd molar Extractions) in San Diego, CA

Oral Surgery (3rd molar Extractions) in San Diego, CA

Wisdom tooth extraction  removes the four permanent molar teeth situated at the top and bottom back corners of the mouth. Wisdom teeth start to erupt between the ages of seventeen and twenty-five. In most cases, they have to be extracted to make room in the back of the mouth, prevent painful infections or other dental issues.

Wisdom teeth rarely grow up straight and can also come in sideways, causing even more issues if you don’t take timely action. At Point Loma Dentistry, we have years of experience analyzing them and extracting them. 

What Are the Problems Wisdom Teeth Can Cause?

Several problems can be caused by wisdom teeth, including:

  • Increased sensitivity of the tooth
  • Discoloration and tooth decay 
  • Break, chip, or cracks in teeth
  • Pain when biting and chewing
  • Tooth injury and trauma
  • Chronic toothache

What Are The Reasons For Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

  • Wisdom teeth extraction prevents gum disease.
  • Their extraction will help create more space for other molar teeth.
  • Prevents bacteria accumulation and infections.
  • Oral health is improved.
  • They help avert jawbone, nerve, or adjacent tooth damage.
  • The jawbone and the teeth get aligned correctly.
  • Prevent the development of tumors or cysts.

What Preparation Is Needed For a Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

An initial oral examination and x-ray will help your dentist assess the wisdom tooth and decide on its extraction. If pain, swelling, or infection is present before wisdom teeth extraction, antibiotics will probably need to be taken to treat the condition. 

What Is the Procedure for Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

In a wisdom teeth extraction surgery, first anesthesia is given for the patient’s comfort. Once the patient is under sedation, the bone and tissue around the wisdom teeth are removed. This removal ensures the wisdom teeth can be clearly and efficiently extracted. Next, the gums are sutured, which generally assists in a faster healing time and minor bleeding.

Finally, the surgeon will place gauze over the wound so a blood clot can form to control bleeding. Once the surgery is completed, the patient can rest in the recovery room.

How Long Is The Recovery From Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

To prevent any complications, make sure to follow the doctor’s instructions post wisdom teeth surgery. In general, healing and recovery take about three to five days. Ice Packs can help reduce swelling, and gauze can be reapplied to control bleeding. Soft foods should be eaten for a few days, while spicy, hard, and chewy foods should be avoided. The patient can take a course of antibiotics and painkillers.

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