Family Dentistry in San Diego, CA

Family Dentistry in San Diego, CA

Family dentistry strives to provide dental care services to people of all ages. The decision to consult a family dentist allows you to benefit from their experience and diverse services that emphasize the prevention and treatment of the most common dental problems that could affect you at any age.

What Are the Advantages of Family Dentistry?

  • Comprehensive Care for the Entire Family

 Family dentists gain valuable experience in providing care to both children and adults during their education and training. When a family visits their family dentist regularly, it helps them identify and prevent serious problems. Additionally, it becomes easier for a family to keep up with all of their appointments.

  • Preventative Oral Health Care

Family dentists deliver preventative oral health care services such as complete exams to identify the problem areas in your mouth. For instance, getting your teeth cleaned every six months helps remove the plaque and tartar that contribute to decay and gum disease. A family dentist may also detect other issues such as night-time teeth grinding.

  • Develop a Relationship with Your Dentist

Dental anxiety and fears can be overcome when a person has established a relationship based on trust with their dentist. For example, your teenager may feel more comfortable discussing their dental hygiene routine when they establish a relationship with the dentist they know for years.

  • Identify and Treat Early Changes in Your Oral Health

Gum disease is a common problem affecting young children. A family dentist can check your gums and look for signs of developing gum diseases such as bleeding, redness, and deepening pockets around your teeth that trap bacteria. Treatments for gum disease include teeth cleaning procedures and medications in the initial stages or minor oral surgery to reduce gum pockets and reverse or stabilize the disease so that you avoid bone and tooth loss in the future.

  • Restore Lost or Damaged Teeth

Tooth loss is another dental problem that family dentists treat. They will evaluate your oral cavity, gum health, and the condition of your other teeth to develop a customized plan for tooth replacement. Restorative treatments such as dentures, bridges, and dental implants are a few alternatives that your family dentist can recommend to restore your missing teeth.

  • Correct Imperfections in Your Smile

Since family dentists can provide comprehensive care, they also offer advanced services to correct imperfections in your smile. The teens and adults in your family can avail of tooth whitening treatments, dental bonding, or veneers that can eliminate or cover up stains and flaws such as chipped or fractured teeth.

At Point Loma Dentistry, we work hard to create an atmosphere that ensures our patients get the best care possible based on their family’s needs. Contact Dentist in San Diego, CA today at (619) 223-3811 to learn more about our services.

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